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fuck me stupid, kiss me dizzy

and touch me like you'll never touch me again.

Every Night I Fall From Grace.
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Someone was whispering

Sweetheart, Cupid is dead

and we killed him.
I was asking
how do you kiss
and taste? Where
does your mind wander
when you're touching yourself
or a lover?
And do you dream
of wicked things?

Tell you

Like honey

That you are beautiful,
That when we stand close
I feel that pull,
Those butterflies urgent for freedom.
And talking to you
Is like dancing, on and on
When all I want is to stop
And taste you.

Passion trips me.

My odd assortment of things.

Tom Felton is love sex

Daniel Radcliffe is love.

Harry/Draco is love.

Michael Alig is MONSTER love.

Party Monster is Club Kid L♥VE.

i'm in slytherin!

be sorted @ nimbo.net

[harry + draco]

Slytherin brings all the boys to the yard.


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